Thai Massage

A touch of Thailand

Enjoy the art and tradition of Thailand, a country that is famous for praising the culture of the body and the land that became the cradle of the massage. Indulge yourself in the famous world of Thai friendliness, be charmed by the scent of orchids and sandalwood and enjoy the same luxury as Thai people, for whom a massage is part of every day.  Massage skills in Thai families are passed down from generation to generation. It is an art and a philosophy, and at the same time, it is a lifestyle and an exceptional gift. Even in the 21st century Thai traditions are still alive, and thanks to them we can bring you a new touch of Thailand directly to your hotel room.

Massages are only for hotel guests and are performed in the comfort of your hotel room, available all week. Massage must be booked in advance at the hotel reception desk, which is available 24 hours a day. You can select from the following services:

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage involves applying force to the pressure points. The masseuse presses and stretches whole body with her fingers and whole palms as well as with her heels or even knees in order to relax muscles, joints, sinews and feet and stretches the spine. This massage increases blood circulation, relieves muscle and joint pain, removes backpain a strengthens the nervous system, thus bringing complete physical and psychic relaxation to the body.

Oil Massage Classic

This kind of massage differs from the traditional Thai one in applying oil. It is less intensive and more focused on relaxation, muscle tonus relief and mental balance restoration.

Oil Massage Sport

This more vigorous massage is suitable for sportspeople and those, who do manual work. Oil and special natural herbal balm imported from Thailand are used for this massage.

Leg and Foot Massage

Leg and Foot Massage contributes to the improvement of the inner or- gans function and blood circulation. Acupressure is used during this massage. More intensive pressure on the single points is induced by a wooden stick as well as massage emulsion. This massage prevents headaches, asthma and migraines. It stimulates body organs and in- creases stress immunity.

Massage according a Customer

Massage in accordance with customer needs is a massage of a concrete problematic place. Lenght of the massage depends on a customer.

Spine and Neck Massage

This massage is performed via similar techniques used in the traditional Thai massage. It focuses on problem areas of spine and neck. The masseuse exerts pressure upon various acupres- sure points, which are thus stimulated and the tension is then released. This massage relieves back, shoulder and neck pain and headaches.

Herbal Massage

This herbal massage is the traditional Thai massage with application of medicinal herbs. This ancient method is based on combination of the tra- ditional Thai massage and applying wet and steamed herbal bags. It was developed by Dr. Shee Wog Gomarapat who started to heal the areas of pain with massage along with the application of medicinal herbs and his method has been used up till now. Steamed herbs are absorbed more easily and deeply by a body tissue and in doing so they bring much great- er relaxation. The whole procedure takes two hours and it is not suitable for diabetics.

Golden Fish Special Massage

This special massage is a kind of oil massage in which you are massaged by two masseuse simultaneously. Thus, the intensity, your enjoyment and the effect of the massage on your body is doubled.

Massage for Pregnant Women

This massage for pregnant women is very individual and therefore performed after a personal consultation.

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